Sunday 4 August 2019

You have to pay for all your deeds

Once upon a time, a man's eye looked at mango in a tree, but eye couldn't go there. So, his foot stepped to tree. But foot couldn't grab mango. So hand snatched it.
Now hand couldn't eat. So mouth had it. Till then, tree owner had seen the man and beaten the man with stick on man's backside.

Where is the fault of backside/spine??

Mango viewed by eye, walked by foot, snatched by hand, eaten by mouth which also not kept with it. It passed to stomach.
So, neither of them were punished.
Rather, Backside was punished.

But, later when beaten up by the stick on backside, eye cried.

Lesson- if you do mistake, you have to pay. 

Sunday 13 January 2019

Moh Vs Prem

Moh is what you always think for, you will think couldn't live without  But prem lets you live freely without any intervention.